Call for Artwork


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Call for artwork

We welcome artwork submissions related to this year’s theme, 40 years of MALCS, Centuries of Activism: La Lucha Sigue for Racial, Reproductive and Decolonial Justice. We invite you to consider our actions, work, and scholarship on these contested physical and intellectual territories from these broad perspectives:

Applicant Information

  • MALCS Mission: please see here for the full mission of MALCS 
  • Embodiment: (e.g., theories in the flesh that honor the knowledge held in our bodies and that we can fashion toward communal healing; somatic movement(s) that honor our bodies and our communities; manifestations of creative practices, art, scholarship, actions, and thinking that can transform us and our society)
  • Ancestral Knowledge: (e.g., honoring legacies passed down by ancestors that allow for our continual transformation; reshaping knowledge of our lineages that move us toward healing; using ancestral knowledge within activist, academic, and personal spaces)
  • Intergenerational Knowledge: (e.g., honoring the wisdom/knowledge passed down by MALCS/Founders of the association along with the shared knowledge created by new generation of MALCSistas, promoting dialogue across generations for lifelong learning and activism)
  • Language Reckonings: (e.g., acknowledging that language is often limiting and can lead to intentional and unintentional exclusions; language within a Western construct can be itself a violence and is unable to hold what we are trying to create)
  • Humanizing Pedagogies: (e.g., reconstructing teaching and learning experiences that center our full humanity; creating learning environments where students can show up as their whole selves; cultivating opportunities for developing students’ critical consciousness; integrating intersectional perspectives in teaching and learning to promote reflection, awareness, and action) 
  • Collective Resistance: (e.g., leveraging community organizing to engage in legislative and policy work; forging new paths to transform and resist the violences we exist within; engaging in collective action to impact institutional change)
  • Community-driven leadership: (e.g., acknowledging the activism and how our communities have activated community cultural wealth to mobilize resources to provide better opportunities for their families; address inequities and deficit actions against our communities; find ways to respond to oppression and advocate for social change)
  • Reproductive Oppression: (e.g., the control and exploitation of women, girls, and individuals through our bodies, sexuality, labor, and reproduction)
  • Reproductive Justice: (e.g., complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, environmental and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of human rights;  ability of any girl/woman/person to determine her/their own reproductive destiny; which it directly linked to the conditions in her/their community (opportunities to work at living wages, opportunities for affordable quality education, responsible and accessible public services such as good health care, quality schools, and accessible and affordable child care, freedom from personal and state violence, and environmentally safe communities) and these conditions are not just a matter of individual choice and access.
In accordance with the mission of MALCS, we encourage submissions by Chicana, Latina, and Native American / Indígena women and gender non-confirming academics and activists. We also encourage the submission of artwork by mujeres and gender non-confirming folk that also self-identify as Afro Latinx, Asian Latinx, Transgender, and Gender Non-Confirming Queer.

Here’s a few things you need to know:

  • Please submit a high resolution image
  • Please include an artist statement 
  • Please include a brief bio 
  • Questions about the submission process can be sent to

The selected artist will receive:

  • a stipend of $700
  • a free vendor spot
  • Free registration to the institute
  • the image will be published on the institute website and printed materials reaching hundreds of people, as well as being the visual centerpiece throughout the event. This is a wonderful opportunity for any artist looking to achieve exposure on a national scale.

Key Dates: 

  • FEBRUARY 24, 2023 Submission Deadline (extension)
  • MARCH 10, 2023 Submission Result Announcement
  • JULY 12-15, 2023 MALCS at UC Davis!
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